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Thread: Stupid autocad question (quick one)

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    Stupid autocad question (quick one)

    If I'm in Layout mode, I can toggle the grid lines on and off in my viewport
    However I want them to stay toggled on during export to PDF so they appear in my copy to show people

    Is this in Page Management or somewhere else? Is there a command I can type to force them to stay on, as all my annotations etc
    for company name etc are outside the viewport and even if I have mulitple viewports I will always want the grid lines on.

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    I don't believe you can. Add them manually with array might be an option.

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    You might be able to do it but either way Id still just draw them in on a separate layer, then you can toggle on/off & set print lineweights/etc however you like.

    If you dont draw them then you have to worry about reference points possibly moving between model space and print settings/etc too. Draw them in yourself then you know theyre fixed.
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