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Thread: Triumph 2500S

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    Triumph 2500S

    I think it's time for me to sell this one on. It's a 1978 Triumph 2500S manual/overdrive in good original condition. Has all the bits for aircon, but it's not working. Lots of original paint, though it's in pretty poor condition. There's basically no rust, just a few bubbles in the bottom of the driver's door AFAIK. I replaced the master and wheel cylinders, and a heap of rubber engine bay hoses about 18 months ago. It runs really rich and the viscous fan hub is noisy when cold, but otherwise it runs/drives/etc, is currently on a 60 day permit but I haven't had time to drive it
    Located near Hornsby.
    Only advertised here, cause I don't want to deal with Gumtree fuckwits. Honestly I don't even know if I want to sell it, so no offers under $2000.
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    Also, I have access to another 1978 2500S parts car, but it's rough and well picked over already.

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    fuuuuuuuu. no room. dammit.
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    Tempting, I had about 6 Triumphs over the years and they are a very nice thing to drive. Do I want to go back and fix cars? AC was a factory option on the last of them.

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    How the hell has this not rusted into a puddle? Do want but don't have the room.

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