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Thread: Wtac 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by 333pg333 View Post
    So min speed through T1 looks like about 255kmh ? Yowza!
    It was a smidge under 250. The plot had the scaling lines aligned with the left hand side. I have reprinted it with the scaling matching for both sides of the speed section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 333pg333 View Post
    I'm pretty certain that AMB designed more for the new aero than the rear wing. Some of the parts weren't ready in time so they made the compromise to come up with a mixed Aero package. Seemed to work.
    Yeah the 3 element wing went on last year. There was a new 2 element (lower drag) wing this year which they alternated with the 3 element.
    This year the rear diffuser is much shorter and there was also one pic of the new infinity wings front end which didn't end up on the car for the weekend. Don't know the story about the front end.

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