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Thread: 2006 WRX Wagoon

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    2006 WRX Wagoon

    Hi Chaps,

    I'm parting with my much loved WRX wagon after around 10 years of ownership. The car is in good condition for it's age, no major accidents or respraying anywhere. The odo reads 193,XXX K. The car is unregistered at the present as there are some issues that need to be attended to. I have fed it only Penrite full synthetic the whole time I've had it.

    The Bad:
    • Radiator bottom tank and water pump leaking
    • Cam cover gaskets leaking
    • Power steering pump noisy
    • Rear shocks shagged out

    The Good:
    • 4 new tyres (only about 50 kilometres on them)
    • Newish clutch (12 months old)
    • New front brakes, drilled, slotted ventilated
    • Decent interior
    • O.Z Racing 18" wheels
    • 3" turbo back stainless exhaust
    • Eibach springs all 'round


    I'll let it go for $7500, PF gets first refusal then it's Gumtree next week. Before the lowballers get to work, I'm not under any pressure to sell as I have company transport so I'm good to hang on until I get my price or near to it.
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    A lot of car for those dollars, or as per pf standards, the 5k it will sell for on here
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    I like wagons.

    Let me know when you hit 5k
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