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    Vs Barra ute

    This has been in my mind the last year, but nothing could happen till the VC moved on. Cliffs. Daily vs poverty spec ute with 400,000 km, column shift, bench seat. Body is clean but engine and suspension very tired. Aim is to keep it simple, mild hp so 280-300 rwkw, aircon, powersteering, cruise control. All under $10k. Nothing crazy, just solid and reliable but plenty of fasts. Engine will only get valvesprings and injectors once tuned, gearbox left standard, standard convertor, use vs column shift, leave 3.08 gears but LSD, upgrade intank fuel pump, front mount intercooler, factory loom and ecu, just splice into vs and keep factory dash

    Picked up full ba Barra conversion with 4 speed btr, loom, ecu, tailshaft, pedal box, etc etc. Guys at Ballarat performance wreckers were super nice and a grand cheaper than anywhere in Melb. Drove up this afternoon and got it all.

    Nastysven care of stocky donated two coolers. Also bought a 2nd hand bf airbox and pod. Picked up a vs V8 K frame today as well.

    Tomorrow I pickup all the new shocks, springs, control arms and bushes. Also from tuffcarparts I pick up injectors, valvesprings, 3" catback exhaust, 3.5" cat, 460 lph intank fuel pump and torque lock LSD.

    Anyhoo, want to get it on the road as soon as possible say less than a few months

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    Dave, have you uploaded the data from the carby?

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