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Thread: Vs Barra ute

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogsballs View Post
    Dennis was awesome. Even lent me a centre bearing to test fit, $1350 exc tax for this is crazy value. Plus the have the best balancing machines in Vic

    Plus massive thanks to 1320ft again for sweet diff centre and wastegate deals. Biggest legend always very grateful

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    Happy to help mate.

    The tailshaft price isnt too bad either. Im generally around $1100-1200 for a 3 inch One piece Moly, Balanced & SFI certified with slip yoke.

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    Cams dialled in sweet. Clive cleaned up all the lobes so they were the same, when he did the cam doctoring. Initially had inlet on 114 centreline ( heaps of PTV, 140thou) , so advanced it heaps to 105 (96 thou ptv), but dialled it in between to 109 (120thou PTV)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 50RTD View Post
    Dave, have you uploaded the data from the carby?

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