Hi all,

I have this up on a couple of less active forums, but thought I'd put it here were people like modified stuff. Below is a direct copy from those forums. I'll do any future updates in real time.

Originally posted September 2016

Finally decided its time to create a build thread for my bucket of bolts. I have been lurking for some time but thought it would be good to kick this off, before I get too far down the track and can't be bothered putting the story down. Hopefully this hodge podge of different bikes doesnít offend too many people. Nothing is sacred here in terms of parts, itís just me building the bike I want, on the money I have.

My plans are pretty grand, but my wallet is not bottomless so this is a list of things I am keen to achieve on this build

GSXR Front End - obtained
17" Spoked wheels with dual front disks - parts obtained
FCR Carbs - not yet
Motogadget M-Unit and Mbuttons - controls obtained
CB900F cams - obtained
Kawasaki tank - like the look more, has a big enough tunnel to not need excessive mods

Hope you enjoy.

Here are the humble beginnings, a fairly complete and respectable, albeit filthy and non-running 82 cb750f...

Then, I moved house, and turned it onto an exploded diagram and made a huge mess in the process...

Then, while I cleaned it for aaaaaages, sometime unsuccessfully, I went on a bit of a parts acquisition quest:

Wheels, 74cb750 front hub, 76 750f1 rear hub, got lucky on that one. Front rim from a bonnie, rear is new from eBay 17 X 3.5" and 5" respectively

This is a test fit, wheels are currently apart, ready for powder coat

Obligatory 900f cams

and k6 gixxer forks, scored these with brakes, axle, lines, master cylinder for a steal. Picked up the triples from a wrecker.

mock up with Kawa tank. Looks pretty rad, I think. long road ahead

Cut down the foot control brackets

Stripped the frame back to bare metal, that was a waste of time in the end. Was going to try and seal it so I could keep the metal look, but can't find a suitably reliable product

trimmed off some of the casting lines and surplus sticky outy bits on the triples

And yanked the old cams out

more to come later... I hope haha.