to whom this may concern,

many thanks for taking the time to read this support case. I currently have purchased micro tech ECU's in the past LTX8, great ECU's. I have now acquired a car which is a 1982 RX7 Series 2 with a Series 4 13b turbo motor with a MT4 ECU, the car is running with no problems, I just would like to see the tune in the ECU. I'm aware that the MT4 is a fuel only ECU which supports a hand controller. When I plug the hand controller in the MT4 , I see faint flickering lights. I have removed the ECU and powered up on the external variable power supply with the same results. I have utilized a brand new 9 pin serial cable which I purchased from an electronic store ( believe a straight through cable).
the handset used is a MT handset. Can you please confirm if this handset and cable is correct?

Your support will be much appreciated. Please note I have even opeedn the unit to inspect dry joints on the DB9 connector but seems all fine.

many thanks
with gratitude