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Thread: 1990 vr4

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    1990 vr4

    Hi there everybody. Looking for info/ places to get stuff for my 1991 A spec vr4. suspension wise it doesn't appear to ever have had a bush replace in its 300,000km life

    ive been able to find and source nearly every bush that you can think of, but im struggling with the Front subframe -> body bushes, and on the rear i cant find replacements for upper and lower Ball joints( might need to buy complete control arms, not sure), Front and rear Cradle bushes,

    thinking of doing everything in 1 hit and sort out the alignment issues i appear to be having once and for all.

    any ideas where to get these from, if possible at all ?

    oh, where is the best place for some adjust able strut tops at the moment?

    Thanks in advance, Melv.

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    Try Whiteline. I used them for my old VR4.

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    220 will probably have all new OEM ones

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