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Thread: OK lads, learn me on the electric vehicles

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    OK lads, learn me on the electric vehicles

    Hey peeps. After a brief but if fun playing with a mates corolla (ke20) I have been toying with the idea down the track of getting a small old girl and doing a future is now sort of electric conversion.

    My Google skills seem to suck arse. Any one got any good links etc to some good threads and learnings etc I can educate myself on over the next couple of months years?

    I know literally nothing about electronics (well... Yeah OK basically nothing) so I'm imagining quite the learning curve...

    Cheers guys..

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    hasn't one of the daves of here done a few?

    suzuki dave maybe?
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    I too wish to learn more.

    Thanks to nastysven, i happened to find this thread that looks like its got some good info in it.
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    I've worked on, driven and fault found some of the ones that Dave built when he got sick of the hateful things - I hope the homebuilt technology has moved on a long way because they will make you lose the will to live.
    Even the "big dollar" build for the dude who owns, get this, "The Rainbow Energy Company" in Byron bay was topped out trying to hit 80km/h with a huge pack of huge of LiFePO5s. Oh, and they've got plenty of fucking voltage in them, you need to be very fucking carefull.
    A large portion of involve direct drive with a fork lift motor, which is ok for wierdbeards I guess, but if you want the thing to actually be usefull, I reckon you need something much much better.
    Technically, the wiring needs to be done by a licensed electrician because of the voltages involved. I don't ever want anything to do with those things again.

    Having said that, I've often thought about slotting Hybrid Camry running gear into something like a Citroen DS (Or XM).

    Icon 4x4 are building a '49 Mercury EV, which is a epic build, but the guy paying for it has more money than god i think. Jonathan Ward builds some epic shit, so it'll be interesting to see the outcome.
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    I have a write up in the latest Race Magazine.
    I'll find some links for you.
    Basically, the place to buy stuff for EVs in Australia is Catavolt in Newcastle.
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    Not much of a fan of this stuff. This thing is cool though.

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    Best mates dad converted his s1 rx7 (owned from new, lime green wuth daytona kit, had a 12a auto) to electric. Ran it through the stock gearbox but he just left it in 3rd or 4th most of the time. Was definitely not slow. Pretty much the whole rear hatch area was batteries.

    Was very strange doing single peggers out of corners with no engine sounds.

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    A number of pages about conversions around the place, some with lots of detail

    Another RX7:

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    been looking at converting a local kei box myself with the extra time I have atm
    Some locals pointed me to a cheap Leaf for a base and Nissan sells the batteries cheap
    love to get the chassis or a rolled i series bimmer ev, they have a ready base

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    I follow this guy on youtube, he converted a Datsun 411 to electric, seems he also got an auto gearbox shifting as well;
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    Electric car shocks V8 set
    6 May, 2015 5:00am

    Tom Short shows off his 1972 Datsun 1200 electric drag racing car to The New Zealand Herald
    Jamie Morton
    By: Jamie Morton
    Science Reporter, NZ Herald @Jamienzherald

    Bright yellow, battery-powered 1972 Datsun 1200 gives drag-racing fraternity a shake-up.

    There's something strange about Tom Short's little yellow Datsun 1200. It might be that it can clear a quarter mile in a lightning-fast 14 seconds.

    It also might be that you won't hear it when it does.

    The Taupo mechanic's battery-powered 1972 coupe has just caused shock among horrified V8 petrolheads by winning the street car class in the New Zealand Drag Racing Association's latest season.

    On the back of his surprise success, Mr Short is now on a mission to show the country just how fast electric cars can be.
    Close-up of the batteries Tom Short has installed in his electric 1972 Datsun 1200. Photo / Alan Gibson
    Close-up of the batteries Tom Short has installed in his electric 1972 Datsun 1200. Photo / Alan Gibson

    His track to championship victory began with a Subaru WRX saloon he tried to electrify, but which couldn't perform well enough when weighed down with more than 500kg of batteries.

    Then he and mate Kent Wakely noticed a Datsun listed on Trade Me for $2500.

    "Kent and I jumped in the car, shot down to Palmerston North just on a maybe, then got there, started it, and drove it on to the trailer - it was unreal."

    The pair stripped it back to its factory pink, quickly re-painted it yellow and then replaced its engine with a controller and dual electric motors.

    In the rear, they installed a fearsome power-pack of 52 12-volt batteries, capable of delivering 700 volts when fully charged.

    "Three 12-volt batteries have enough amps to kill you, so it is a very dangerous sport if you don't know what you are doing," Mr Short said.
    Related articles:
    Electric push but few incentives
    2 Jun, 2015 5:00am
    3 minutes to read

    Unlike most street cars, the Datsun can take off in the equivalent of top gear, achieving in a split second a stunning 100 per cent horsepower at only 1 per cent of throttle.

    "Basically, it's no different from a kid's radio-controlled car or a mobility scooter - it has no clutch or gearbox - and that's what makes it so reliable and consistent."

    It reaches top speed of 140km/h just halfway down the track - V8 drag racers typically do closer to the finish line - and does so in near silence.

    "It does skid at the start, but because the engine is so quiet and doesn't rev, it actually sounds like someone is dragging something down the road."

    Entering the NZDRA's street car class championship had at first been "a bit of fun" but, to the shock of their V8 competitors, they quickly realised they'd created a drag-racing phenomenon.

    In its first meet at Meremere Dragway, the car placed second, securing 100 points.

    "At the prize-giving, they wouldn't even shake my hand," Mr Short said with a laugh. "But coming second changed it for us - and we knew we had a car that was consistent and could actually win this championship, so we pushed on from there."

    After racing in four of six meetings, Team Electric Taupo racked up 230 points, finishing the season with a lead of 22 points.

    "Now the response from a lot of the petrol guys is huge - they love it."

    Competitor Dean Hastie, who races a 1968 SS Camaro with a 509 big block V8, said the electric car had caused a stir among his staunchly-petrol fraternity.

    "When we go to events, it attracts so much attention - there will be 20 people around it, and you don't see that around any other car."

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    here's something strange about Tom Short's little yellow Datsun 1200. It might be that it can clear a quarter mile in a lightning-fast 14 seconds.
    whadafug? I thought they mean it looked like it could do a 14 (if you didn't know it had a gorillion batteries in it) which would be heading towards being 13s for $1300 level impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadsailing View Post
    whadafug? I thought they mean it looked like it could do a 14 (if you didn't know it had a gorillion batteries in it) which would be heading towards being 13s for $1300 level impressive.
    Well 52 batterys alone would push past the $1300 mark.

    Did I read correct that he runs direct drive gearing (a motor on each rear wheel) and reaches top speed of 140kph at half track? Surely if he ran some kind of a gearing that thing could do 12s? Would be interesting to hear its 8th mile time.

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    I briefly considered electrifying my moke a few years ago, and found a local website that had calculators to work out costings based on vehicle weight - and that's as far as I got.

    Building an electric car that can potter around to and from the shops is not particularly expensive. Building an electric car that can accelerate well or do a decent distance (like 150km range) will start to cost serious money, even for a light moke, and doing them both put me off the whole idea.


    Pretty sure this was the site that scared me off the conversion.
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