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Thread: BC Racing Coilovers and softer springs

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    BC Racing Coilovers and softer springs

    Anyone replaced the springs of BC Racing coilovers with softer ones?

    I want to change from 8kg (front) and 6kg (rear) to ideally something WAY softer (maybe 3kg/2kg) but am concerned about potentially mismatching the spring with the damper valving.

    But then again, I have NFI if this is a real issue. Will reducing the spring rates so drastically and leaving the damper valving as is (but in their softest setting) be ok?

    Anyone done this and have feedback/comments?
    Would also like to know how much spring replacement was.
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    What's the desired outcome mate?

    If you think this will soften the ride substantially, I doubt it will. People who killed better than me will give more detail of simply show in wrong lol

    But my understanding is the comfort and "talent" in a suspension system is the dampening. Spring rates store imprtnsnt. But only insofar as they allow the suspension to work.

    Hope that makes some sense

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    I think if you dropped a kilo off each one that will be fine 4kg is a bit much that is over 50%.

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    what car? sounds like "moderate" AE86 rates, I'd start with 6kg front and 4 rear, that was tolerable in mine for short trips when someone else was driving and I wasn't in the car.

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    I looked at changing springs in our BC's a couple of months ago, it's $100 per corner.

    Currently running 7kg front, 4kg rear, with the damping set all the way soft. Halving the spring rate, you might find you run out of travel. I wouldn't be going more than 1 - 2kg softer, and I think you are right, you might find you are over damping them. You could get them revalved, but by the time you have done that, you might be better off replacing it entirely.

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    I went from 10/6 to 8/6 I think it was in a Cressida and it made a massive difference, but that was a massive change in ride quality... I'd try taking 2 off I guess, but that would end up being really soft I reckon...

    Was easy as to do by just undoing the top bolt on the shock, from memory...

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    I agree, 2kg less on each would be plenty. The aero would compress the springs too far when you are on the hwy if you run a hektic wing/wang.
    8 and 6kg don't feel overly bad on a lightweight car like an MX5.
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    i went from 6/4 to 4/3 in my starlet and it made it much more usable on the road

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