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Thread: Delmax ultima mud tyres. Any feedback?

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    Delmax ultima mud tyres. Any feedback?

    I'm in the market to replace my current chinese tyres (Maxtrek mudtrac's) and have come across these on gumtree for $165 fitted but no reviews. Anyone been using them? They market them as "japanese quality at chinese prices" and apparently offer 60,000km guarantee. Another option which have some positive reviews is the Comforser CF3000's at $180

    Understandably you get what you pay for in life but in saying that my maxtrek (now $200) have been great so i can't see myself spending big on 4wd tyres when they have been great offroad, fine on the sand @16psi, well behaved on the road and have worn well being rotated. They are at about 18 months and almost 50k kms which isn't bad too bad but have really started to show wear in the last few weeks. Still legal but only just.

    Usual problems have been in wet weather when it the oil comes off the road, noise, fuel, weight etc but i wouldn't have thought a $300 mud tyre to be that much better with all that?

    Not really interested in a A/T tyre. I think staking and punctures would have been a real issue with some of the tracks i've found myself on and bigger mud tyres make a 4wd ute look like a 4wd ute!
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    May not be much help, but young bloke at work has 33" cum-forcers on his triton, (got them for $165ea fitted) and he has been very happy with how they drive on and off road.

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