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Thread: barb & clamp... what pressure?

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    barb & clamp... what pressure?

    OK so I have lots of speedflow apparently.

    Trying to avoid things I don't have to at the moment; what pressure is EFI hose on a single barb/bead with a quality clamp good for?

    The hose itself is rated well over 200psi (either 225psi or 250psi) which is obviously ridiculous for fuel pressure. So the question is... what pressure are these types of hose clamps (pictured) good for on a single bead/barb (example pic - note it's more of a round bead than an edged barb).

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    Jubilee clips in 10mm width and dia are about 200psi so somewhere around there
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    What's the application? More importantly can you test it with the bonnet open and what are the consequences of it failing? If you can only test it at full noise and the consequence is fuel over the exhaust then I'd still do it

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