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Thread: BGTV8 Z34 Track Car

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    BGTV8 Z34 Track Car

    BGTV8 370z Track-day (and maybe 2F) car / VQ40HRGA Engine Build ........ now into the 3rd year

    Purchased before 2015:
    AP Racing 6-spt/4-spot plus AP rotors
    KW V3 coil-overs
    Whiteline Bars
    Brake Cooling Ducts
    4.08:1 and KAAZ 2-way
    3.9:1 and Quaife ATB
    7kg Flywheel (ACS)
    1350kg clamp solid clutch

    1 set Enkei PF01 18 x 9.5
    1 set TE37 18 x 9.5

    March 9th 2015:
    Donor VQ35HR engine sourced

    June 2nd 2015:
    Bryant Racing 92mm crank Ordered – 14 week delivery
    JWT GA Pistons 96mm @13.4:1
    Rings to suit
    JWT 21mm pins
    Eagle H-beam rods w/ARP2000 bolts
    JWT Cams C12/RZ1
    Hi-Rev Valve springs/shims etc
    JWT AVQ35-EGEAR cam sprocket
    Gasket set
    Bearing set
    HRGA Head Bolts

    June 3rd 2015:
    Wet Sump CJ MotorSports (baffled)

    June 4th 2015:
    OnPoint Dyno (Canada) VQ/HR x-over inlet mani, machined for Jenvey SF52 straight TB, suit HR heads on "tall" VQ block

    July 17th 2015:
    OMEGA Tech Dry Sump system ordered - delivery quoted for end-Aug

    August 8th 2015:
    CJ Motor Sports baffled sump shipping, will now go onto original engine for use as spare

    Nov 11th 2015
    Dry Sump received - pictures attached

    4th Jan 2016
    JWT package arrived, donor engine strip scheduled for later in Jan then to machine shop to machine for crank and pistons, dummy assembly in early Feb with luck. Crank in particular is a work of machining art - photo's to come
    PPE LTH fabricated to RHD received (second hand from NIZPRO Engineering in Melbourne)

    19th Jan 2016
    Induction package selected ......... Jenvey 6 x 53.5mm ITB with OnPointDyno fabricated manifold - link here
    OnPoint Developed VQ35HR ITB’s Now Available : OnPoint Dyno
    Not cheap but will support 400+whp which is what the engine spec is planned to deliver. Sasha will supply the full induction (manifold, ITB, linkages, fuel rail).

    Feb 20th 2016
    Revzone in Ringwood now have the donor engine stripped, stroker crank dummy assembled into block with dry-sump pan and it all rotates smoothly - hooray
    Heads off the flow-bench guru, looking for ~325-340cfm @ max lift. Heads require relieving so cams will clear and the cam-boxes are packaged to go back to JWT for modification so they clear the cams as well - another huge thank-you to Clark and Ben at JWT - 2 helpful and knowledgeable guys.
    Block going to the machine-shop this coming week for boring to match pistons/crank/rods
    Decided on MOTEC M150 to drive the car, settled for 2 x DBW stepper motors to drive the ITB. I have a MOTEC dash as well - we are confident we can retain OEM ABS and will wire the yaw-sensor into the Motec for logging purposes. The Motec will handle traction control but we lose ABLS which is no problem.
    OnPointDyno in Toronto, Canada have done a base map to suit the engine and induction package - I cannot thank Sasha Anis enough - he has been a huge help on the induction and ECU side of the project
    Charles (Phunk) at CJ MotorSport will supply the fuel system based on the OEM tank/lines until I can move to a bladder tank in due course.

    Feb 25th
    Flow bench numbers are in:
    304cfm @ .500" lift
    310cfm @ .600" lift
    this equates to just shy of 450hp

    Porting tools are out and we are now chasing 340cfm @ .600" lift - will require exhaust port mods as well as inlet !!

    March 5th
    Sasha Anis has fitted the induction to his 3.7 litre race engine. created a harness and then mapped with the Motec M130. Pictures of the induction setup attached.

    April 6th
    Flat-shift gear lever ordered, induction system shipped from Canada - due this month. Finally selected ECU - Motec (M150) and CDL3 race dash ordered

    June 28th, 2016

    Man, this project is taking some time ....... head porting now signed off, gear box about to ship,

    July 31st .... wait for it .... 2017 ....... new job in BNE means I have no time ........ f4rk

    So in the last 12 months we have:
    Motec M150 and CDL logger dash
    Flat-shift gear lever
    Assembled the stroker short engine
    Received CJM fuel system
    Ordered the balance of dry-sump system (tank, remote filter, tank heater, clear-vue filter in the return line, big 15"x8"x3" Fluidyne oil cooler plus adjustable vacuum regulator)
    Sourced a pile of little bits and pieces - race seat, wheel etc
    Found the supplier of oil gallery gaskets (EPS from
    Found a used VVEL controller so we can scavenge the connect to make the wiring harness "plug 'n play
    Spent ages with a CANBUS sniffer (... ages and ages)

    4th Oct, 2017
    Hopefully now only a few weeks to hook up the Motec and get it running the OEM engine. Is it just me or do projects ALWAYS take this long .................

    Still to be ordered/commissioned:
    Carbon air-box x 2

    Future enhancement:
    Motorsport fuel delivery system, fuel cell/bladder and dry-break filler
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