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Thread: Alpine ilx700 carplay and all the bits for amarok (or maybe other vw's)

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    Alpine ilx700 carplay and all the bits for amarok (or maybe other vw's)

    So - have had all of this for a bit over 6 mths - worked well, just decided to go back to the original headunit
    Alpine ilx700 (this is the better version of the ilx007)
    ilx700 has RDS (for song names from FM stations) - as well as the ability to display the a/c controls and parking sensors etc like some of the original headunits do

    Fascia/trim to make it fit the hole correctly
    Adaptor harness - so it is simply plug and play
    Aerial adaptor - from VW aerial to standard on headunit
    Steering wheel/Can module - this allows all the steering wheel functions to work, AND it allows the a/c and parking sensor info to be displayed on the headunit.

    The unit will easily accept most aftermarket reverse cameras (with an rca plug)
    Headunit was about $900, can/st wheel adaptor $300 and the loom aerial and fascia kit was prob about $100

    I assume it should work in any vw - the fascia kit makes it the same size as the std head unit.

    Chasing $750 for the lot - can post

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    This still available? I mentioned it to one of my contractors who wanted something carplay compatible for his Amarok.

    You're in Brisbane too from memory?
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    yeah - still got it. On the sunny coast, I am in brissy (northside) - every few weeks for work, but not sure when next (should know in the next couple of days)

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