Guys just after some advice for basic mods to my 2005 GTO Monaro,
Got a bit carried away a while ago and bought a complete turbo system including garret GTX45, steampipe CRG manifolds, the whole kit, now im thinking i dont want to go cutting into my GTO so might resell kit and i want to do a cam, stall, OTR and exhaust.
I have a standard set of L98 heads and manifold tucked away.
Should i use my rectangle port heads, what cam, combining those two should i deck heads and how much (cam dependent)or do i get into fly cutting piston territory, maybe a 3800 stall(recommendations?) Trunion upgrade is it needed?
Car/LS2 has 110K on the clock, untouched 4L65, twin 3" system, 3.9 gears with Tru Trac and is just my weekend cruise car, i have taken it to the drags once(my first time) best I managed was a 13.7 @ 101mph.
I have talked to a very prominent Gold Coast commodore specialist who suggested to leave existing cathedral heads use a 3800 stall 1 3/4 extractors(existing are 1 5/8) with their cam and OTR which is all good, but i sort have a feeling if i decked L98 heads and cam to suit with a bit more comp i may be better off!!
Also bearing mind i plan to install the stall and bigger pipes and then take to a shop (recommendations Bris/Gold Coast) to do cam and maybe head install and tune.
Im sure a formula has been done a million times so i would like to hear them.
Thanks in advance.