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Thread: LS1 - Heavy Surging (Undriveable)

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    look behind you
    Maybe call a priest?
    Quote Originally Posted by Faux Forg View Post
    I agree with Rdyno

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    Is this drive by wire or cable throttle?

    I've had other cable throttle GM's do this sort of thing when the TPS had a bad spot in it at idle/right off idle, and also had small vacuum leaks do this. The vacuum leaks cause the idle control motor to not have good control of the idle air volume, and in some cases causes a surging idle that goes away if you add a little throttle. The bad TPS doesn't go away with slow or steady state throttle, but sometimes free-revved OK.

    Just stuff to look at-do you have a scan tool to plug up?

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    Good advice re: TPS. I'll order one in any case, should be a cheap check.

    Edit: CTS and TPS Ordered
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