Thereís so little knowledge behind this question that I hesitate to poast it here ... but I still think itís more relevant than in General.

I need an e-fan shroud. Iíve not bothered yet because Iíve never really needed it, Iíve sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic on 40+ degree days for half an hour between proper movement in the past & had no problem. But the recent need for a complete coolant-system flush after temps crept higher than Iíd like makes me think I really should do something about a shroud.

The radiator has various holes around the edges of the core where you could bolt a frame. I was thinking of a design which, in really general terms, spaces the e-fan about 5cm back from the radiator, effectively on 4x 50mm-long hollow posts that you could run a ~60mm long bolt through to support the weight of the e-fan hanging off the back of the radiator; and the rest of the shroud can then be pretty lightweight aluminium albeit in whatís not a super-simple shape.
Itís probably a case of making a frame & Ďdrapingí the lightweight stuff over the top.

At the moment thereís no finalised design, the above is a general brain-fart.

But ... where do you go to get small one-off stuff like that put together? I had a fabrication place weld a coilpack-frame to a cam-cover once; they werenít unhappy to do it, but it was obviously an unusual request for them, and I think they only did it because there was no fabrication needed & they were just being pleasant guys.

Or ... is now the time to start learning to weld? I canít imagine that what I want is an easy place to start.