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Thread: Rental shitbox review-2017 Camry Altise

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    Asked for a c class wagon, got a v90 estate.

    Might not count as an upgrade for some but I needed the room and the v90 does British motorway like a champ

    8/10 would buy if I could get a non cross country in oz

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    I drove a brand spanking new Camry once. Back in, ohh late 2015.

    Drove it out of the airport and thought, hmm that drives like shit. Pulled into the BP and checked the tyres. Nope, good at 36 PSI all round.

    Meh, drove to subway, grabbed lunch, water and headed for a three hour drive.

    I've never in my life thought of suicide or doing my self in. But there I was driving, looking for a tree. Thinking, I will die at these speeds when I hit it, but some poor other cunt won't ever have to drive it.

    Since Naruse died Toyota have made the shittest driving cars on the planet.

    Edit:- Sorry for those that don't know Hiromu Naruse he is responsible for the LFA, Supra, AE86, Celica, MR2, Lexus IS and MR-S to name a few. His goal was to have a "Toyota" feel when driving one of their cars. Much like Chrysler Sedans still feel like Chrysler sedans and Fords a Ford.
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    Landed in Bris`airport a cpl yrs ago and went to pick up the car from Avis desk. Had a "Full size Commodore or similar" booked. No care, just wanna get to Bundy in more than a buzzbox.
    Thought I`d ask Sanjeev at the counter what colours they have and see if I could get something I might like just for sakes of it.

    "What colours you got?"
    "I will have to ask, sir"
    Gets on phone...
    "Only silver Calais currently, sir, only one available"
    "Nah, what colours mate?"
    "Ah, only silver sir, unfortunately that will be a 30 minute wait as still being detailed, I can see that you have the car for the same rate as your existing booking though"

    Stupidly stares blankly at Sanjeev for 5 seconds before the penny drops...cause dumb/not pushy/non rorter cunt...
    "Yeah, that`ll do mate"

    Lost 3 mins of me holiday time due to keyless start
    Quote Originally Posted by Skompa View Post
    Yeah, bit too nice for me, I prefer my R32s with mountains of bog and LS engines

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ View Post
    If you see a black one come up for sale, ex Hertz, 9AA ending on plates... avoid. Trust me

    I have had these a few times as hire cars when I go away. good fun and also handy having the same car as you drive everyday when it comes to exploring new twisty roads.

    With 30-50k km on them they feel so more worn out than mine!
    POWER CHIP free since 2003.

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    Drove a Camry once, one of those ones where the centre console glows like a neutron star..

    I washed myself 3 times. Horrid thing.

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    We booked a standard car recently when we went to Hawaii. Offered the choice of some buzz box 4 cylinder Hyundai or a Chrysler Charger R/T. I chose the Hemi.

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    Hyundai make hemi-head 4ís?
    Soft roaders represent an excellent compromise between the needs of the hardcore 4x4 user and the convenience of a city hatchback. Its clear to see why they have become so popular in todays society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captiva Fan View Post
    Hyundai make hemi-head 4ís?
    4 valve engines tend to be "hemi" heads.

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    Toyota trim always seems to be bland in the models I come across. Seats are always as you described. My 90's model Starlet had more colour inside than a fairly new Sportivo I had to help offload for a family member. The aircon is the best in any Toyota though. They seem to start operating a lot quicker to hot or cold than any other car make I have come across.

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