Hi PF.
After Uncle's excellent adventure ride I am 10/10 envy so I'm going to piss off my bike and use the $ for a deposit on something else.

2005 CRF450R
Has Rental bars and could require new left hand hand grip. I've gotta grab a pair so probably fixed on sale.
Decent tyres on it.
Regularly serviced before I had it then I've had it completely done since. So originally I got it freshly done then rode it twice and got hard to start.

I've had the valves replaced and the shims all done.
Then discovered that the comp was still low.. Soo sometime later I've had the whole top end done. New piston, rings etc.
I've putted around my mates paddock on it 1/4 throttle for about half an hour just to sus out wear in etc. Probably should do another little bit of riding. I don't know how these things work.

Before this it used to fucking go good. I'd not ridden a 4 stroke 450 and it scares me lol if that's any indication.
Has a white brothers slip on muffler. Sounds decent.
Comes with the factory one and spare white plastics. Manual etc. I think a few levers to as I broke one and got 4 spares.

I'm in Canberra can do stuff if someone wants a proper look at it. Haven't really bothered advertising so not sure what to throw on it?
$3200 ono? PF discount perhaps?
Will trade for WR/EXC/DR 250/3whatever and 400-450

It's red and looks like a CRF450. I have no pics on my work PC