A fellow PF was going thru a hard time so I (foolishly) let them borrow my ute. After 7 weeks it was returned on the back of a trailer and dropped at the front of my house at 3am won't key put in letterbox

It's fucked to say the least. Filthy, hadn't been washed, paint dull and stained, inside full of dog hair and bottles/cans. Only has 1/4 tank of fuel, timing chain that was to be replaced as part of deal still sitting in box. Dismantled pod and air filter assembly. Rears tyres on limiters, smashed by burnouts. Zero power steering fluid, no coolant in overall and system low. Battery was unbolted and loose in bay, rear muffler loose and just hanging there. Biggest kicker is fucked trans, with no 3/4 bands.

I was warned about this person after I lent it out, but gave them the benefit of doubt. No thanks, no attempt to fix or return it in a half decent state, no fucks given.

Let this be a lesson to you all.

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