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Thread: Where can I find this classic Mustang advertisement?

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    Where can I find this classic Mustang advertisement?

    A friend has got a 1967 Mustang Fastback. I said that there was a classic print advertisement for it (saw it in a book somewhere 20 years ago & online about 10 years ago) & now I'm fucked if I can find it.

    I think that the ad was for a 390GT 1967 Mustang but I'm not 100%. Basically it posed the question "what happens when you put a big block (or it might've been 11ty horsepower) in the new Mustang?" & next to it the answer was a head on photo of a top fueller rail drag car thing (don't know much about drag racing) bathed in an epic cloud of tyre smoke.

    I haven't imagined it. I know it's out there but I'm fucked if I can find it quickly. I know that you can get reproductions/posters of it somewhere. Can the PF brains trust please help me?
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