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Thread: Where to Now?

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    Im totally up on the good tools thing. Hardest thing is i simply dont know enough to know what a good tool is and isnt outside of price :/

    This might be a totally stupid question, but how do the granite tops work as surfacr plates with magnetic measurements things? Is there enough iron in the stone to allow the magnetics to work? Or am i being completkly retarded?

    Also, yay me... Shed is wired mother fuckers.... so stoked. Old mate let me do the wiring for the plugs and a few other bits to help out.

    He did all the lights and the main board... But the checks all passed and nothing is on fire slowly getting there. Atr least noe im not constanlty fighting for power points and lighting.

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    Don't have surface plate but as far as I'm aware that is one the points of using granite surface plate that is that it's not magnetically effected.
    Could be wrong.

    On the cheap tooling thing
    buy cheaper good value stuff first as you will break /damage most things until you get the hang of things.
    Especially carbide cutting and turning stuff.

    Like I said earlier Banggood is good value for money do some research on the net.../you tube.
    I have mainly got carbide end mills from them so far and have been great.
    Have just put a order in with some cobalt hss drill bit sets ball end mills And some 200 series qct holders when they had 25%to30% off turning tools sale.
    As good as h and forbes China things without the h and f price tag.

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    This is relevant to my interests. I was lucky enough to do the government grant Gosford tafe courses for intro to welding and machining that DHS found. I definitely liked the dimensional readers on the mills at the tafe. Want to get set up once we build a shed at my cousin's place.

    I am in the fortunate position however of moving to Melbourne site and having access to NMI dimensional metrologists, one of whom was a tradesman beforehand and the mill and lathe in the workshop. I want to buy all my own gear for myself eventually but will be able to use of borrow good gear from the start.

    Some really good thread input recently, thanks to those of you taking the time to share.

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