Hey guys,
One of the companies I work for is looking to put on a couple of extra photographers.

It's Hotel / Nightclub stuff based at The Central Coast (The Entrance & Woy Woy at this stage, but they are expanding and getting more venues). The other place is in Hornsby.

Current shifts available are.
7:30pm - 10:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays
11:30pm - 2:30am ususally every second Friday.

You are not expected to work EVERY weekend - in fact - a few of the guys on the books now only do one or two days a month (if that)
They just need some more people to cover the days that others can not...
Ie, Rosters are done about 2-3 weeks out and for example - last week they asked who was NOT available for shifts for February - everyone puts their availability or unavailability and the shifts are worked out according to what people want etc...

Great pubs / clubs with good staff and the job is piss easy.
Pays $150 for the shift and then you just resize, add logo watermark and upload to their FB page..

Let me know if you are interested
You must be able to approach people and ask for their photo and be polite etc.
(Eg, Hi, Would you guys like a Free photo for the XYZ facebook page ?... some say yes, some say no, it doesn't matter )

Most people approach you / ask you for a pic, but you will need to ask some people..
You must dress neat ( T-Shirt / Jeeas etc is fine) - just look respectable and not like you just rolled out of the gutter..
You must have your own Gear ( entry Level DSLR with something like a 18-55mm lens and external flash is fine..)
You must have (or be willing to get) an ABN so you can invoice them for the shift/s

Let me know if you are interested and I will pass on the details..