Unfortunately my home theatre is being converted back into a room, so i have some pretty neat gear for sale.

Audio- 15 series Rotel is the top of their line gear, $4500 for all 4 pieces

Rotel RMB-1095 5 ch power amp.

Rotel RSP-1580 pre amp

Rotel RCD-1570 CD player

Rotel RT-1570 Tuner


Dynaudio $2000 for 5 pieces

Front stage-Audience 70

Surround- Audience 42's

Centre- Audience Centre

Sub $3000

SVS SB 16-Ultra sealed sub- This is a 100kg Sub- serious bit of kit that is quite musical aswell as great for movies

Screen- Stewart 2.7m screen $500

Pick up from the gold coast- Southport.

Contact me on ghordern@yahoo.com if you would like pictures.

Thanks Glen