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Thread: LED to indicate fuel pump pulse

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    LED to indicate fuel pump pulse

    This is a bit of an odd one I know. I have a small engine that is fed via a plunger style electric fuel pump, like one of those small Facets. Is there a relatively simple way to set up an LED or indicator lamp to flash on (or off) with each pulse of the pump? It's a sealed unit so I can't just connect it across the internal switch.

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    I wonder if the voltage off the negative side of the pump would be oscillating enough (from the plunger coil being switched on and off) that you could use a small amp circuit to boost that oscillation signal and run your LED.
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    It's probably pretty cheap and simple to do by several methods, (voltage drop across a series resistor, or even simply induced current through a coil of wire around the supply cable) but it'll probably just take a bit of math and some trial and error. What is the resistance of the coil?
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