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Thread: Is there interest in moo engines for boost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisS View Post
    Letter drops don't work (ask me how I know ), social media advertising does.

    Get a friend to get on pages like RiotACT and FB "asking for recommendations" for a mechanic that can do a service or repair asap, get another friend to respond recommending your workshop.

    Know of anyone in the public service? Get them to advertise on there Extranet.

    Social media advertising is where it's at!

    If you really want to get into the performance game you are going to need to prove your engine can hold together, either with racing or dyno comps, but I'm pretty sure C.O.M.E Racing tried this with there stroker kits and didn't have much success when he came to selling them.
    You really need to prove you know what your doing, by showing people but just telling them.
    this just needed to be posted again

    1. you need to pay for advertising on facebook! you can get to your exact demographic
    2. I wouldn't pay for a performance motor unless the shop I bought it off had proven track times for it,

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    You can be the worst mechanic but a great business person. You will make money.
    But if your a shit at running a business your going to go broke.

    Been a great businessman is skill set fuck all people have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sketchy View Post
    Figure out how to not make an eco (or non eco for that matter) moo not sound like an ecomoo and you'd have interest.

    Otherwise find a way to big a big fish in a little pond and capture a certain market specific. No point trying to chase joe average oil change and service if every other shop is doing the same thing and going broke. Moo performance probably isn't the answer but there will have to be a market sector that isn't being examined or serviced you could tap into.

    Have a think about some of the more oddball jobs or projects (or better yet profitable) you've taken on and then search for that sort of stuff in google adwords to see what sort of interest there is.

    For example, "Mechanics Canberra" will probably have 5000 hits a week and every other workshop is chasing that without success or big spend. "Weird french shitbox repair Canberra" might only have 200 hits a week but currently is going nowhere. Start doing some advertising around weird french shitbox repair and all of a sudden you are the first port of call for all 200 of those weird french shitbox owning knobs. 100% of 200 leads a week in an uncontested market is shitloads better than fuckall percent of 5000 hits a week in a market saturated by a hundred shops that have bigger budgets, more staff and experience.


    Quote from that Disney movie Robots "See a need, fill a need" but get paid for that shit.
    Quote Originally Posted by FUBAR View Post

    "Canberra Continental Service Centre provides a full range of servicing solutions for vehicles throughout Canberra and the rest of ACT and NSW. Based in Fyshwick, we can handle all models of European cars and always work diligently blah blah..."

    "Please note : We do not service Citroens"
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    A mate of mine runs the website for an extremely popular exhaust manufacture and they spend about 95% of their budget on Google adwords, he swears by it.

    Get a semi decent website and allocate a couple of hundred (or 100, or whatever) to adwords and you should see significant return.

    Someone mentioned odd French cars earlier - not sure how many there are in Canberra but that might be an option. I've only worked on one saab, late model 9-3 turbo but I remember actually being pretty impressed with how it drove and how it was to work on - definitely no worse than the opel shitboxes I was used to working on.

    A lot of mechanics shy away from them because of their reputation but I think that's exactly what you want to look for - what's better from a mechanics point of view than a car that's not too bad to work on but is constantly shitting itself and needing work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmac
    But on seatbelts - I don't think they should be mandatory for adults, but for under 18s. I reckon make them mandatory up till then, and provide plenty of graphic evidence supporting their use to school age children, and then if they hit adulthood and don't choose to wear them, think of the future without these fucken idiots around...

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    I work on french cars quite often I've done an engine swap from a 407 to a 607 before it's easier than most think. There are more french cars here than probably any other city as we have weird public servants that drive weird cars. But there is also a lot of places that fix french cars here.

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    The french car thing was a piss take example, not a business direction recommendation. I really shouldn't have to explain that should I?

    My point was find an area of your trade or business that is under serviced, position yourself as an expert and cater to that need better than anyone else, charge appropriately.

    I'd also recommend doing as much personal and business development learning courses as you can handle or afford. Surrounding yourself with likeminded motivated business owners will do far more for you than a bunch of negative whiny cunts on an internet forum. Like attracts like so if you want a successful business go find some guys who are doing that and learn from them.
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