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    Righto cunts

    Digging through my boxes of shit and found this

    In my quest to be the most choptastic cunt in the world I want to use this on my Ironhead.

    I'm thinking I'll put it at the back of the motor under where the oil bag lives and run two lines from where the oil filter normally lives.

    Will my oil pump have enough nuts to pump the fucken oil all the way down the back of the bike, through two filters and then back to the front of the motor?

    Something in my addled memory is telling me that these can be quite sensitive to oiling issues...

    Further to that, from my hazy memory this cunt suits two Z9s, which might be a little on the large side for a 1000cc donk, anyone suggest a smaller filter that won't look so fucking ridiculous? I think a Z418 will fit? Anyone confirm?
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