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Thread: Engine mounts and handling

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    Engine mounts and handling

    Interested to hear experiences with upgrading engine mounts on a Barra if possible, or any other car.

    Was the turn in, steering a huge improvement?

    I would expect noise and vibration to increase substancially but not that important anymore as the Taxi is no longer the daily driver.

    Considering these 5mm Powdercoated Steel mounts with removable Polyurethane Bushes.
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    Engine mounts and handling

    When I upgraded the mounts on the 911, it definitely made it feel more locked down. As if the stock mounts allowed more movement and so when you chucked it into a corner, you could feel the suspension settle, and then the engine settle. With the hard mounts it felt more altogether.

    In terms of noise, it’s more of a vibe than noise. You’ll hear/feel lots of whirrs, chatters, clunks etc that the stock mounts are designed to isolate. It’ll “feel” louder, even at idle
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