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Thread: I found another bike...

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    Small update.
    Nearly 10,000kms on it now.
    Lots of Nashos and OPHs, but no track action yet.

    Did a service today, I change the oil every 4000-5000kms, no more than 5000.

    Setting the oil level in this is tricky, every time I've done it I've overfilled, and ended up pouring a bit out.
    You put in 3 litres, start it up, wait for it to drop and then top up til its roughly halfway. It changes quite a bit with temp, so ends up going up.

    Swapped the air filter today too, this thing doesn't really need anymore power yet, so OEM is the go for maximum filtration.

    MAHLE make most of the components here.

    10,000kms of Sydneys finest dust

    kms for reference, oh, and it lives in race mode now. Unless its pouring

    she's purring..
    I finally managed to get some leathers, so drags first, then track.

    Just some info on what these things are doing on the strip..

    near stock engines but stretched chassis are going deep 8s

    stock chassis and mild mods flat 9s, almost 8s.

    Moving no doubt.
    My goal is 12s first go, 11s, then 10s. I reckon a pro would go 9.
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    Drags was a lot more fun then I thought it would be. You will have a blast. Bike night in summer is the way to go. I donít think I waited more than 15 mins for a run all night. By the end of the night I didnít even shut the bike down, was back in staging tunnel ready for another.

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