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well I sat in an 80 series and GU patrol and fuck me I understand they are supposed to be reliable as hell and awesome but you literally have fuck all comfort or fee like you're going to get syphilis any minute, would rather buy a Defender and at least have some style/class

all the 80 series and Patrols under 10k were for sale by 3 toothed yobo's or single mums who blew them up and wanted over 10k for a GU patrol with a blown engine, then there was one GU I had a look at and it would not started, asked for some water, poured it over the pump waited 2min she started right up, bitch din't want to sell it after that, my guess is she will carry a 5L water bottle around all the time, both 80/100 series and GU's have had the rear filled with stupid cages and fridges and shit that it's unusable unless you're camping 100% of the time, wtf with the 3-4" lift as well they are all jacked up and creak, the 2.8L Patrol is an understatement to biped power, literally. The Toyota petrol engine can barely move the car at high way speeds up a slight incline without feeling guilty at the amount of fuel used

even had a look at some Surf's with the 3.0 and i could just not fit in them comfortably also 50% had overheating issues the rest were apparent fixed with a new head so in the end rather than unfuck someone else's problem I got the cleanest P38 under 5k, lucky it had the air suspension taken out properly and looks to be serviced properly.

I had a look at a TD5 disco but again you pay so much more for the diesel to the point where i would have to own the car for 10 years to make it even and suffer 10 years of driving slug. Test drove a chipped TD5 and yeah it was a little better but my guess is that it would not last at that power level. Test drove an ES with the 4L V8, well test drove a few and one had a massive fire that they tried to clean up and one was from a FIFO family or some shit, sheila was selling it on behalf of husband, she took the plates off as it's ready for sale, got there touched the engine was hot was like what happened? "oh i took it around the block for a bit" told her ok i'm going to come back tomorrow when the engine is stone cold, it had a new radiator. Next day same shit, told her you either do not start the car or I'm not coming back! went there without calling at 8PM, engine was cold, started it up sounded a bit dud then yeah dropped sleeve, walked away, she offers 1k, still walked away

So now I had a better look at this P38 and it seems I need to replace a ball joint, lower one passenger side, the booth is split so that's a bummer! my guess is that I either pay someone to do it or find a fucking big ball joint tool!

The relay for the AC blower motor was bit charred so I need to find one similar to this, I think these are normally open? and replace it and probably find the cause, shit don't just char up for no reason, my guess is a bad earth somewhere

I know nothing about these but for the money it seems like a lot of car. your above explanation mirrors my experience with buying a 4x4 under 10k. I just don't see how a Toyota with 450,000 plus kms can be a good thing. keep up the good work.