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Thread: Stuck with a Haltech trigger error

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    Quote Originally Posted by JZK25 View Post
    In before Butthurts/TURDMX62 haltech rhetoric.
    gezzz I'm getting slow in my old age... It's ok I wont hassle your mates, you need your free haltech t-shirts to wear
    Quote Originally Posted by ALLMTR View Post
    the theory is the fuel pump is one of the only things that can fuck out on a diesel

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    This one slipped through the gaps Al...

    Much like basic scope functions at the weekly firmware upgrade meetings at Haltech.
    Jason Broadhurst

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    Not as big a gap as adaptronic is about to slip into.
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    You can't polish a turd but you can put 600hp in it and laugh your fucking arse off coming past someone sideways at Powercruise.

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