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Thread: 1973 VJ Charger.

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    Metal filings in the big - old Valiant trick. Not really.

    Plenum rust is the best market for overall rust in my experience, yours looks mint!

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    Plenum does look good, unless the build plate is covering the hole, which I hope it isn't.

    Right hand chassis rail rusts from the inside out thanks to the steering box being bolted onto that rather than the K frame as per the LHD cars from the states.

    Inside the boot down near the floors where the drains go are also a problem that will need to be looked at pretty closely too.

    There doesn't seem too many other non obvious spots in the chuggers.

    There are plenty of replacement panels available now too, which is a nice change.

    Again, hemi performance or PPR would be the best sources, prices are pretty similar would just depend on who has what in stock that would sway me as to who to buy from. I have spent plenty of money at both and service has been good from both.

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