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Thread: AUDI SUV q7 thingos' School me

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    Do you need 7 seats? Cayenne is 5.
    I've had a Cayenne Turbo for 6 months. Nothing serious has gone wrong in that short time. The 2 main issues are the coolant pipes and tail shaft bearing which had already been sorted on mine.
    I think servicing and parts prices are overstated as per Fatz comments above. I've bought a fair bit of general servicing crap from Pelican and it's been cheap. I've changed all the fluids (engine, 3 diffs, transmission, brakes) and its all off the shelf stuff.
    Handling and performance are excellent for a 2.4t bus.
    My biggest complaint is the gearbox mapping, but I think that was pretty well sorted in the facelifted 4.8. I'm thinking of upgrading my 4.5 to one of those.

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    I have a pretty good hookup for tyres so the $$$ aint the issue.

    7 seats aint a deal breaker, but it has been handy, as is the extra space when camping etc.
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    Second best thing to fatz gtr thread is seeing him in towing/q7 threads. Slightly disappointing I had to scroll to post #21 to find him.

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    I do love a whale towing a boat
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    Sloth - what are they Evoque issues? My wife has one and it's been flawless. That said it's just come out of warranty so I'm a bit nervous.

    I'm looking for an excuse to upgrade it to one of those Jag F Paces with the F Type engines for all the noises!
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