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Thread: 2003 Nissan Pulsar

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    2003 Nissan Pulsar

    Hi all,

    Finally decided to upgrade my daily a little bit, especially since I don't have to cart around car parts non stop anymore, so my little beast is up for sale. Its a 5 speed manual Pulsar with an asthmatic 1.8l engine. Originally purchased to teach the nopics how to drive manual and pick up car parts for the Silvia.

    The good:
    Rego til end of October next year
    Aircon works better than expected
    New tyres at 116,000kms (and serviced)
    New front rotors/pads around the same time
    Amazing seat covers with Frangipani's on them

    Also, the car has been really reliable. The only issue I have had is a cracked coilpack which was replaced. Its been driven to Cowra, Mudgee and Brewarrina. No problems yet.

    The bad is that the body is in fairly average shape. At some point the old owner had an accident and the bonnet is dented, and the front bar doesn't sit right. The top of the drivers side headlight bracket is also damaged. No idea what happened and his story doesn't really make sense. One of the rear license plate lights has come loose and won't sit right either.

    I've got it up for $2,000 which I think is a pretty damn good price but I'll do a deal for PF'ers.

    Contact via PM or 0431 679 674.

    Please just don't be like the guy below
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    I only have a few pictures of the car (and yes I know they are not great) but happy to take more, just let me know what you want.
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    I feel your pain, been trying to flog my $2K runaround for the past couple of weeks on scumtree/carsales and get so many texts and emails from cunts just always asking 'is this still available' (started about five mins after I posted the ad), then if you reply 'yes', you either never hear from them again or they then smugly text you a random offer, which is around half what you are asking as if they are the only person willing to offer you anything when in reality I've usually had at least 15 other swedes and/or bogans doing exactly the same just that day alone.

    Funny thing is I'd probably accept some of the offers if they actually turned up to look at the car first and weren't massive cunts to deal with.

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    Guys lads, gentlemen. You're doing it all wrong and taking it personally. Troll the fuckers

    Whats the lowest you can go?
    But the Ad says $2000

    Don't answer if it's available with anything more than a Y or N depending on their sentence construction.

    Increase the ad price by $500 to avoid Meth Heads.

    Have fun with the sale buddy, it's a nice thing.

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    Thanks everyone! I've deleted most of the messages but I think I got around 10-15 offers of "1k cash today." Generally I replied like a smartass - "how about 3k on Monday?".

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    My GF got upset with me because she said I shouldn't be so rude, even though these guys were never going to buy the car anyway and were just wasting my time and electricity.

    Car has sold to the PF resident lowballer. He drove a mighty hard bargain.

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    I like to have a standing lowball in all cars in this section
    Check out my shit for sale on facebook:

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