Trying to sort out some of my toolbox storage, and i came across some socket rails that look useful, especially as they come in different colours.

SCA has a version in red:

While I found a green version on Amazon:

and a set of 3/8 nano impact sockets i bought in the US came with a blue rail.

A bit of googling has yielded gold ( orange ( and black rails as well.

They come in a range of brands, but the Toolpro ones are the only ones that appear to be available locally and in individual sizes (i.e. not having to buy full sets of 1/2 3/8 and 1/4)

I want to get a few different colours for the different types of sockets in the tool box and in my travel bag. Red for metric, blue for imperial, green for torx etc etc. So i really dont want to have to buy whole sets to just get different colours.

Done the usual trawl through aliexpress etc to try and find the source, but no avail. All i found was this guy on Alibaba : but they haven't responded.

Anyone have a source for these in single sizes and range of colours?