Doing a bit of a clean out, got the following -

- Got 4 or 5 VZ V6 Fenix alloy radiators. 42mm thick, 2 row core (same spec as the VZ V8). Was going to convert them to V8's (you just weld a filler neck onto them) but have been too busy to get around to it.
$70 for the radiator
$20 for the neck (Commodore size neck, can probably throw in a free cap if you ask nicely).
Cheap radiator for your 13sec for $1300?

- Tomei T25/T28 dump pipe. Paid a pretty penny for it, has been ceramic coated (although it's come off in some areas). $250

- Pleb dump pipe. Came off my old CA18. Gate merges back in. No cracks or any issues, is stainless too. $40.

- BOV. Came off a GT Liberty 2.5. Works fine. $10?